GP – Path To Remission | eBook

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Selecting a customized Gastroparesis – Path To Remission eBook is the most efficient method of really beginning your path to gastroparesis remission. Each of our situations are unique and have to be treated as such for optimal results.

This is our life, we can’t be guinea pigs to the medical system. We need results and we need confidence in the treatments we endure. In this eBook I break down each area of gastroparesis, including any underlying issues and how to structure your life and diet correctly.

I take the foundation of what our bodies need to maintain an optimal state of healing and factor in your individual symptoms, allergies, triggers, so healing can begin. Once our bodies have been set up with the right “foundation” then the path of maintaining begins.

Package Includes:

• Personalized Shopping List
• Supplement List
• Diet Customization
• Lifestyle Customization
• Guide to Dealing with your Doctor(s)
• Truth of Gastroparesis
• Guide to Flare Ups
• Handling and Preventing Triggers
• Maintenance