My Story

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My fury baby Boss Valentino and myself!

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I’m no rookie when it comes to medical problems and hospital stays. (I’ll get into the details of my past later). The latest battle that has shown its face is GASTROPARESIS! To by honest, it seemed pretty straight forward after the doctors were finished with their lecture at the foot of my hospital bed. But let’s fast forward to 2 weeks later after I followed ALL of their instructions and medications, where I find myself once again in the ER horribly sick!

Losing more weight by the day, with literally no weight to afford to lose, I was looking frail and well sick! With a feeding tube down my nose and fuzzy on pain medication, I spent my days studying the ins and out, ups and downs of everything Gastroparesis.

I was discharged from the hospital with extreme malnutrition and even though I was very weak, I was very excited to try out my new diet and supplement plan I had created with the help and dedication of my loving fiance.

I had accomplished something, from the words of my doctor, “why has nobody figured this out?!”, nobody had tried. No, I didn’t cure myself of Gastroparesis, but I have to control my symptoms to where I now have the control and Gastroparesis don’t!

I’m excited to share my journey and tips with you through my blog and vlogs. I encourage you to contact me with any questions and comments. I will do my best to answer all and I will try to do so on my blog so others that may have your same concerns or questions and benefit as well.