The Good & Bad Proteins

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 – 

Many of use who suffer from gastroparesis, have run into severe bouts of weight loss which then leads to malnutrition. Being a very thin woman already, this was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. I had absolutely no extra weight to loose, so when I lost ten pounds in less than two weeks, I realized how much of an affect this disease was having.

Increasing calories while maintaining the optimal diet to control your symptoms can be challenging. But I’ve found that adding a high-quality raw plant based protein supplement to your diet does amazing things!

Let’s back up for a quick second and talk about why plant-based protein is more beneficial than why or soy protein.

Why Protein (The Not-So-Good Things)

Produced from cow or goat’s milk.

• Contains dairy which is one of the main components we must avoid to control our gastroparesis symptoms.

• Some people have dairy sensitivity and allergy. This can produce various symptoms such as digestive discomfort, headaches, and excess mucus production. For people with this sensitivity, it can increase inflammation of the lining of the gut.

• Dairy milk consumption is linked to acne, cancer, and other diseases.

• Possible contamination – with hormones and antibiotics.

Veggie Based Proteins (The Good and Not-So-Tasty)


• Considered hypoallergenic – rice and pea protein are usually well tolerated by people.

• Easier to digest. This is crucial for our delayed gastric emptying.


• Taste. The taste of the veggie proteins can be poorly tolerated by some people, however, this is a personal preference and I have some AMAZING recipes that you can try!

• Not optimal for muscle building. Vegan proteins have lower amounts of amino acids required for muscle building.

Which brand of veggie protein should you buy?

I’ve tried so many different brands and I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best for a few reasons. The brand Garden of Life, is a product I’m confident with (no paid endorsement here) and something I highly recommend you add to your daily diet.

Why do I love Garden of Life?

• It’s a Non-GMO verified product

• It’s certified USDA organic

• It’s certified gluten free

• It’s certified vegan

• It’s certified kosher



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